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Trained technicians and licensed plumbers are ready to handle all your plumbing, or HVAC needs. We have developed an unmatched reputation for quality and thoroughness. Got a problem? We Fix It! Competitive Pricing and real follow-through, we do the whole job until we’re proud to put our name on it.  Commercial and industrial plumbing from major renovations to completing  contracts.  Major Projects at Home include bathroom or kitchen remodeling.

Process Cooling  Chilled water and cooling water, installation of process pumps.  Critical tank placements, as well as automatic control packages.  Specialized installations of vibration isolators.  Installation of cooling towers, and primarily the process of water temperature requirements our specialty.

  • All chillers 5 to 500 ton
  • Pump and tank packages
  • Design billed to pre-engineered cooling packages
  • Broad based cooling tower applications
  • Rebuild/reconditioned in place cooling tower services

Ventilation  Standard exhaust systems for smoke or fume production.  Dust collection applications where dust or plastic by products must be removed and collected.  Wet filtered exhaust systems such as Roto-Cone where the waste stream being exhausted is partially scrubbed through and air/water curtain.  Many plants add exhaust with never adding inlet air;  this creates the all but two familiar negative air problems seen over and over again. The new international building code requires “conditioned” make up air to match exhaust loads.  This can be expensive and complicated.  Engineered solutions and creative approaches with energy recovery units or heating recovery units can be applied reducing energy cost while complying with the codes and indoor air quality standards.  Sam Mechanical can perform building studies that evaluate these problems and off cost effective and compliant solutions.

  • Exhaust systems
  • Dust Collection
  • Wet filtered exhaust systems
  • Building pressure studies (negative studies)
  • Make Up air systems
  • Energy recovery units
  • Air bag distribution to welding duct systems
  • Certified Testing and Balancing


  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Service & Repairs to all brands of  HVAC Equipment
  • Wall Heater Repairs & Replacement
  • Duct Replacement & Upgrade
  • High Efficiency Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
  • Air Purification including Filtration
  • Humidifier Installation & Service

MECHANICAL SERVICES Sam Mechanical Services LLC offers complete, full-service and comprehensive Mechanical Services in the New Construction, Retrofit, and Facilities Services. Sam Mechanical Services LLC is well-versed and experienced in the various methods of project delivery. Additionally, Sam Mechanical Services LLC offers many value added and specialty services.

  • Complete plumbing and HVAC turn-key installations
  • On staff P-E with extensive process and manufacturing applications experience
  • Process Piping from high purity to sanitary
  • Remanufactured industrial boilers at substantial savings
  • DDC controls system provider/engineer
  • Large-scale pipe fitting/welding HVAC/SPECIALTY DUCTWORK
  • Fabrication and Install
  • Pre-Fabrication Solutions
  • Service, Maintenance and Repair
  • Specialty Duct Work

Compressed Air Services

  • Universal installations of any compressor
  • Impartial evaluations of compressed air equipment by professional engineer with extensive background
  • Vast background in rebate initiatives
  • Holistic evaluations of “the complete” pneumatic system from production, storage, to distribution.
  • Extensive track record with cost saving improvements that have reduced demand leading to less compressed air production with substantial savings.


  • Central Plant Retrofits (including chillers, cooling towers, pumps and piping systems)
  • Fabrication and Installation
  • Pre-Fabrication Solutions
  • Service Maintenance and Repair
  • Systems

We specialize in Manufacturer Facility Relocations

  1. Disassemble and take apart all equipment at old location.
  2. At new location reassemble equipment.
  3. Get everything working properly.
  4. Develop preventative maintenance plan

Call Today – 603 – 623-2370 “I would highly recommend your company for HVAC or plumbing work. There one time service and courteous employees put your company a step above all others.” Mark Bullard   

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